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Early Modern Satire: Themes Re-Evaluations and Practices


I have been invited to speak at a three-day conference on Early Modern Satire that is being organised by the University of Gothenburg in Sweden from 2-4 November 2017. I will be talking about a group of prints that represent Britain and their European enemies and allies as animals. The engravings were designed by French and British artists and they were published in London between 1737-41. Two of them look like this. The first was designed by Nathaniel Parr and it was published in London by Edward Ryland on 17th March 1739. The second is by Charles Mosley and Hubert-François Gravelot and it was published on 26th February 1740. You can read the abstract here: early-modern-satire-proposal-grandjouan


© Trustees of the British Museum

race-distance© Trustees of the British Museum

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Art historian of eighteenth century British art writing a book about depictions of the French in English graphic satire. Currently based in Tel Aviv and interested in art, satire, ethnicity and identity

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